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Rated 5 / 5 stars

Nice Club-Beat

I like this beat. Makes ya rock back and forth. I liked everything about this beat EXCEPT for this one part that ruined the beat. Near the middle of the beat, a loud bass comes in that distorts it alot. I like the whistle in the background of that part though, keep that and take the bass out. After that the beat will be ready for the club. The voice in the background is a nice touch for the style. Keep it up mayne.

.:Young Ace:.
Deep Dirty South Records

The-Return responds:

Ye mayn thanks fo da review its good hearin from ppl who got stuff to say cuz im all earz at dis point... im pretty new to this whole game n u guys is fo sure given me a warm welcome.

Light Of Fight Light Of Fight

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Good Stuff

This beat was pretty good mayne. Did you just start makin' beats? Thats good for a beginner by the way. The intro was okay, but it could have been better. I really liked the hit point about 35 seconds into the beat. That should have been the intro, or the intro should have been something like it. Anyways it sounded good.

Originality - 8 - I chose eight because of the beats style and uniqueness, although there is alot of artists on NG that use the same style.

Clarity - 6 - There were some parts of the beat that seem to cut or skip between patterns. For example about 20 seconds in, it sounds like if your missing a hi-hat when they first come in.

Diversity - 7 - I didn't hear much of a change in the beat. Like it was kind of repetative. But I still loved that hit.

Effort - 10 - No matter how long it took, I know this effort and heart to make it. Its my favorite of all your audio. Keep up the good work.

.:Young Ace:.
Deep Dirty South Records

The-Return responds:

Dam dats wut im needin to hear bro gimme all da advice u got ... im suprised dis was ur favorite cuz i broke it out fast but im bout to make a remake if u liken that melody..

Fressh off de Mixxxa Fressh off de Mixxxa

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

It's better than Ghett Ghetto...

This loop is better than your last, but you have to make it longer and add more to it. Those strings have to be complete or else it'll sound skipped, which loops arent supposed to sound like.
Again, hit me up if you want to get better.

Ghett Ghetto Ghett Ghetto

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Fresh on FL Aye?

Yo, is this your first try at FL? Oh, and this isn't a beat homeboy, it's a loop its supposed to repeat itself without a stop. To make a beat on FL you have to use the playlist and patterns. Its pretty complicated, but I could help you out alot, with that also. HIT ME UP!!!

HypN0 HypN0

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Your improving...

Whoa, I wasn't expecting those lyrics from you. You were still off beat and a little pitchy, but its a better song than Rip Tee. Try and stay as far from those stretch notes in the chorus as possible, you ain't got the voice for it. Stick to just rapping. And if you are really into getting better at rapping and producing we can talk about some extra equiptment you would need. Hit me up on a messenger homeboy. I'll help you out. Keep improving and keep at it. You remind me alot of myself.


Pianoic Piece Version 2 Pianoic Piece Version 2

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Damn Girl....

Damn, I saw your review on one of my tracks. So I checked you out, and I tripped! Your really good with the Piano. You blew me away, with your melodies. Have you ever tried makin hip-hop? See'in is how we're both from Texas, I would love to have you on my team.
DDSR - Deep Dirty South Records.
We're barely coming up, but I love your
Piano melodies. And it would be a pleasure to mix them to hip-hop. So if your interested, hit me back up. Or IM me on a messenger.

Stay True

Codyclause responds:

send me a beat and I'll work with you on the melodies.

Thanx again for the reviews.

Guns Up/Get Angry Guns Up/Get Angry

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I bounce to this one!

Damn, haven't heard a track like this from you before. Different style, I'm lovin the mexican horns. They go tight with the kick. Stay true mayne!

Rip Tee Rip Tee

Rated 1 / 5 stars

No, no, no.

Mayne, this track made me laugh. And then reminded me of myself like 3 years ago, tryin to make tracks. But your flow is terrible, theres nothing to it. Just sentences. And your wayyy to close to the mic, your spittin all over it. And try to calm down, I hear you takin real deep breaths and its all comin out on the mic. I'm gonna take a guess that your using windows sound recorder? Its kool, I started out like that too. How old are you, you sound not far from my age. If you need some help producing your vocals, hit me up.

Stay True

White Tizzle White Tizzle

Rated 2 / 5 stars


Look mayne, honestly I think that this remix right here sounds like something made with ALOT of sound effects and MJStudio. Its definatly not something I would like to ride to. I'm not trying to hate man, but this track needs ALOT of work. Nothing goes together. Hit me up if you need some help.

We Still Tippin' ~187~ We Still Tippin' ~187~

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Hot Remix

Yo, this is a hot mix. I love it when the bass first kicks in. Could be better though, the scratch sounds like a dog barkin, comes together though. I can still flow ova it. Overall nice track, I wasn't expectin the end. Keep it up, and good lookin out fo' Texas.


BeAtBrEaKeR187 responds:

fo sho man, the scratchin thing is a bit weird but afta i made this i remeberd that u woz from texas, so its all urs man, this DpD shits got me hyped so ima b puttin out sum real hot sampled tracks, this shits just tha start